That claim appears to have rsgoldfast


That claim appears to have rsgoldfast

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That claim appears to have been backed up by RS Gold in an email dated December 22 and seen by AAP, which referred to the global governing body's Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.Omar.

ngaro, head of the players' status and governance department, cited Annexe 1, which includes the provision "it is not compulsory to release players for matches scheduled on dates not listed in the co-ordinated international match calendar".Ongaro wrote that FIFA's rules "are the only regulatory basis without the possibility to deviate from its principles at national level".

"In order to guarantee equal treatment of all clubs and all member associations, the uniform and consistent application of the rules pertaining to the release of players to association teams is essential and of utmost importance," he wrote.The disagreement comes to a head days before Ante Milicic's Olyroos squad are due to depart, a situation Professional Footballers Australia said puts the players in the "unacceptable position" of choosing between club and country.

Should the Friday morning hearing in Sydney fall in favour of the clubs, it will have wide-ranging ramifications for the youth national teams and the ability of coaches to select their desired squads.If a ruling is made against the clubs, it's understood they will explore all options, including an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
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Re: That claim appears to have rsgoldfast

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Re: That claim appears to have rsgoldfast

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Re: That claim appears to have rsgoldfast

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Re: That claim appears to have rsgoldfast

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