5 reasons why "weight loss" is not successful


5 reasons why "weight loss" is not successful

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Many times we are ทดลองเล่นสล็อต unsuccessful in losing weight. Where we think we have tried hard But in the end, the results turned out to be failed. But if you know the reason for the unsuccessful weight loss Losing weight is not difficult anymore.

Dr. Pramote Patcharamanepakorn, MD, specialists in diabetes, thyroid and endocrinology Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Center Bangkok Hospital said that the five main obstacles to unsuccessful weight loss are:

Lack of motivation to lose weight Doctors often hear that "I don't know why to lose weight." Was it ever when we were doing difficult things and accomplishing it because we had passion and how difficult it was to do? Losing weight is the same - if you have enough passion, you can do it. Try to find reasons that resonate with one such as not wanting to suffer from obesity. Want to have better health, never run out of passion.

Mistaken for eating this thing and not getting fat The fruit that most people think is eating a lot and is not fat. The truth is that fruits contain sugar, which is high in energy. But it depends on how much you eat. For example, 1 orange (the same fruit as a tennis ball) gives you the same energy as eating 1 ladle of steamed rice.If you don't eat dinner, but eat 5 oranges instead, it means that we eat 5 scoops of fried food. All kinds of fried food Various single dishes There are hidden oils in these foods. Including sugary drinks such as nectar, milk tea, soda, how much did we break down with the word "It's fine, just a little, not fat."

Lazy exercise Despite how much diet or eating But not exercising can cause less fat burning Exercise is as important as dieting. Try starting short, 10-15 minutes at a time, then increase the time over time. Until the goal Or choose an activity that we like or have done before, such as cycling in place, and then watching the series soon after the time that we have set Just moving is equal to exercise

Very stressed, find a way out by eating Because emotions can influence eating, such as working, using the brain, and being very stressed. Want to relax by eating a big cake bingsu or 3-4 scoops of ice cream? If you use eating as a way to relieve stress, you will definitely eat more than usual. Come back and ask yourself a little. Are there other ways to relieve stress other than eating? For example, go to exercise, relieve stress, and lose weight. Or sit and take a deep breath Then exhale slowly and slowly, doing it for 1 minute, it will see results if you continue for several minutes, it will definitely disappear. If stressed, don't eat If you are stressed, exercise If stressed, take deep breaths.

Lose weight too tight and stress, discourage, stop doing so many people have already lost weight. But did not do it for a long time and stopped doing what Because he was not happy More stressful Working or studying is already stressful Still have to worry about dieting again A sustainable weight loss is not a rapid reduction. Ten kilos in a month and two months time, and when you can reduce it, you stop doing it. But the main thing is happiness during weight loss. If you balance well between the pleasures of eating Exercise regularly with your body weight. We will be successful in the long run. Some people intend to diet Exercise well, but weight loss or not increase. Causing discouragement, discouragement, quit doing this point, the doctor wants to encourage that people have different genetics Unequal metabolism Even though we eat and exercise the same as our friends But we may lose weight less than friends. Please keep doing what is right. # Happy Reduction If we do not reduce, we will not stop, even if we do not reduce, but will not stop.

"Adjusted 3 Sub-district to stop Uan Tue"
A. Food, reducing the energy in food by only 500 kilocalories per day, completing 7 days, the weight is reduced by half a kilogram.

A. Exercise, adjust the movement of your body more, exercise 150-300 minutes per week. Ideally, you should do resistance exercise 2-3 times a week.

Teacher Emotional: Adjust your mood so that you don't stress and be mindful when eating.
Consult with doctors and specialists For correct and effective weight loss
Many times, losing weight alone is unsuccessful because of a lack of help. May seek advice from

Your doctor (Endocrinologist) can look for underlying causes of obesity, such as low thyroid disease. High cortisol hormone disease, etc. Assess and treat complications caused by obesity. Or may consider a weight loss drug that is certified by the FDA correctly if there is an indication. And use drugs safely

A dietitian will help you assess the food you are eating too much and determine the right type of food intake.

Sport scientist will help guide you to correct exercise. Both exercise types The heaviness that is suitable for the person

Obesity Co-ordinator to help assess eating habits, barriers to weight loss. Together, set goals and encourage our weight loss.
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