NSW organic farmers call for more protection as states lift

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NSW organic farmers call for more protection as states lift

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The organic agriculture representative said the NSW government's decision to lift the ban on GM crops would affect the booming industry.NSW Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall announced Tuesday that the state's 18-year moratorium for GM crops will be repealed on July 1.NSW Farmers' agriculture lobby group said it welcomed the move as the technology could be used to improve drought and frost tolerance. But be warned that organic growers must be protected.The NSW announcement means Tasmania will be the only state to have a moratorium on GMO crops.

Tim Marshall, president of the slotxo National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, which has certified organic produce businesses, said, “We don't think GM technology is essential.Organic farmers will have a problem with contamination of their fields by seeds and pollen from GMO crops, which threaten their livelihoods as organic farmers. Genetically modified canola, cotton and safflower, which are grown for oil, have been cultivated in New South Wales since 2008 under a permitted exemption for all three of these plants.Minister Adam Marshall said the adoption of GM technology could benefit as much as $ 4.8 billion over a 10-year period.GM technology also has the potential to remove allergens from foods such as gluten. And improve the taste and nutrition

He said the federal Office of the Gene Technology Regulator is providing a "robust security system" to assess all applications for GMO crops.GM materials are not allowed in certified organic produce. Tim Marshall told the Guardian, “We are very worried that organic farmers will lose the market and they will have to pay for the break. Wind and the lack of growing borders they need to protect their own crops.If [GM technology] is to be used, it is necessary to protect organic farmers.He said the NSW decision was a blow to the industry after the South Australian government lifted the GM ban last year.We know the organic market is growing very fast and there is only one constraint on the market: supply. This will not make it easier for organic farmers to produce.

NSW Farmers President James Jackson said he had just acknowledged the government's announcement Monday.We support the moratorium. But there are three important caveats, ”he said.Federal regulators need to be well supported, he said, adding that NSW Farmers are now confident they are doing their job He said it was "critically important" that hereditary organisms are used in ways that can exist. Protecting growers who do not want GM organisms in their business is essential.Standing for and respecting others' ability to run any other business approach is very important," he said.Regulators need to monitor buffers to ensure that those who choose not to use [GM technology] will not be negatively impacted.

Farmers in NSW are looking to GM technology to improve the drought tolerance of certain crops, which can help farmers be resilient to climate change and variability.South Australia lifted the ban on GMO crops on the mainland in May 2020, 11 councils requested the South Australian government to be GM-free. But all of their applications were denied.The GM ban for Kangaroo Island remains.The NSW move makes Tasmania the only state to have a moratorium, which is currently in effect until 2029.In 2014, Western Australian organic farmer Steve Marsh lost lengthy and bitter legal action against his neighbors after claiming GM canola had floated to a kojon up rice sheep farm. His oats and rye
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