The developers of 'The Sinking City' say their games

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The developers of 'The Sinking City' say their games

Postby kafa88 » Tue 2. Mar 2021, 03:58


Among the xo many other games released on Steam last Friday are called The Sinking City, in normal circumstances it won't stand out as the games from 2019 received mostly average reviews. However, a studio developer called Frogwares said The Sinking City was previously uploaded to Valve's store page by the publisher without consent.The studio shared a lengthy blog post and a video detailing the allegations about Nacon.In short, Frogwares claimed that the company bought a copy of the game from a competitor's storefront, then hacked it and uploaded it to Steam.

The developers say this is Nacon's third attempt to release the pirated version of The Sinking City, and this latest version comes 48 hours after the company filed an ultimatum, according to the studio to launch the game on Steam with multiple tell-tale signs. As has changed, including missing logos and UI elements, Frogwares was able to verify its configuration file using its own encryption key, which Nacon doesn't seem to change when re-uploading the game.

To be clear, this is a hack, and when the hack is aimed at stealing products and making money, then it's called piracy or counterfeiting," the studio said. Participation is required.This is not a DIY work by an inexperienced person. But it was made by a programmer who knows the [the] Unreal engine very well. Both companies have been involved in litigation over The Sinking City since 2019, which made the game unavailable on certain platforms.

The studio believes Nacon will try to release a hacked version of The Sinking City to other store pages, Nacon said of the allegations of updating on the game's Steam page. It was someone who came to Nacon to get funding for the game development, and to date Nacon has paid more than 10 million euros to Frogwares, ”said.At the time of writing this article, The Sinking City is still available for purchase through Steam Frogwares said Nacon will face. "Legal effect" for its actions.
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