How does speech-to-text, password managers

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How does speech-to-text, password managers

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I hope I don't break my collarbone. But the silver lining from experience has learned how technology has helped me live with one arm pinned in a sling.The best feature is a text-to-speech engine that allows me to type without using the keyboard. Honorable mention goes to phone swipe keyboard, biometric authentication and password manager.After two weeks holding my arm in a sling and at least four more visits, I am more grateful for what accessibility technology provides to people with disabilities in the long run. My frustration of not being able to lift the box or tighten my seat belts, in contrast to the release, I felt my words almost magically appear on the screen as I spoke.

My unknown bike broke.

I failed, I regret having to report it while mountain biking on a very easy track. Fracture of the collarbone is a classic injury for cyclists who extend one arm while falling.Taking a break greatly limits my ability to use my right arm and hand. Despite having surgery, it greatly relieved the pain and improved my range of motion. But most of the time I still have weapons. It took me two weeks before I could type on the laptop with both hands. During that time, I quickly began to appreciate dictation technology known as voice typing and speech recognition.It is a good example of artificial intelligence, a technology that is based on the functioning of the human brain.

AI-based dictation is built into my Android phone, iPhone, MacBook, Chromebook, web browser, and Windows laptop. For years I have been using dictation technology for. Instant messages or e-mail replies on the go With my busted collarbone now I got it for every print-related job.One surprising thing to me was the discovery that text-to-text technology narrowed the productivity gap between smartphones and laptops. For a small phone touch screen typist, it won't match a laptop keyboard. However, when you speak to the microphone, your phone can often be paired with your PC.Google says research shows that voice typing is three times faster than tapping words on a phone keyboard.

Speech-to-text conversion is everywhere.

I like Google's dictation xo technology more than Apple's, I find it more reliable with better understanding of words, spelling, and capitalization. It also works longer with my MacBook, I have to restart dictation every few sentences or more, which could derail my train of thought. Apple recommends limiting your speech to Block 40 seconds Google's Chrome OS has built-in voice dictation capabilities. But it will listen for a short time, so it is best suited for fast texting. I am unable to thoroughly try Microsoft's built-in speech-to-text technology.With the laptop, I quickly turned to Google Docs' built-in transcription, which works best for me when it comes to precision,

text paragraph typing, and keyboard interaction. In addition to the typical smartphone dictation, with the ability to voice control to format text, move the cursor, select words and delete characters, and perform many other actions, unfortunately, it only works in Google. Chrome Dictation is just scratching the surface of today's accessibility technology. I haven't explored features such as Voice Access on Android or Voice on iPhone, which allows you to control your device with voice commands. With one hand that works well, I don't need such features. Apple's AssistiveTouch, which lets people use the touchscreen.

Voice recognition problems

Speech recognition also offers several ways to deal with punctuation. Adding a comma, a period, a question mark, and a colon is fine. But for the quotes, iOS sometimes malfunctions, and Google is even worse. Not as convenient as the keyboard Capitalization is still a problem. I understand it's tricky, but why did Google decide to start the first word after a question mark in lowercase when it can predict that I'm starting a new sentence?

There are also many typos and transcription issues, such as Google's spelling of "nitpick" as "knit pick.Correcting all these errors is a pain, especially on smartphones where cursor positioning is a messy process. With a short message, I tend to leave the problem unresolved. Most of us now understand that phones are prone to typos and automatically correct errors. The transcript adds a little more reproach.For its part, Google said it is improving its dictation technology through bug reports, user research, conferences and other feedback mechanisms.

It is expected that dictation on Android and Google Docs will be improved by the end of the year. This, though details were not disclosed.The worst problem I can't blame for technology It's the way my brain works. I have a hard time dictating messages using dictation. There is something about linear structures that disagree with my writing technique, which involves jumping from one idea to another and then rearranging it when I edit it.
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