What is a tubular electric heater for?

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What is a tubular electric heater for?

Postby zerka » Wed 5. Aug 2020, 14:42

What is a tubular electric heater for?
The heart of the water heater is a heating element called ten. A current passes through it, the element heats up and heats the liquid around it.
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Tubular electric heaters are "wet", which come into contact with water, and "dry", which do not contact water.

The problem with wet heating Elements — due to contact with water, scale and corrosion appear on them, which prevent the heat of the heating Element from passing to the water, because it warms up slowly. Standard heating elements, even with additional protection, fail faster than "dry"Ones.

"Dry" differ in structure. This heating element is located in a tube that separates it from the water. If the pipes are covered with scale, they can be replaced. Plus, they are made of a special material that protects the device from scale. "Dry "heaters are much smaller in size than" wet " ones. Thanks to this, you can use two elements in one water heater — the speed of water heating will increase.
With constant use, a standard ten will last about five years, and its counterpart — about 15.
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