Reduce and get OSRS gold rid of some

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Reduce and get OSRS gold rid of some

Postby Mocsky234 » Mon 13. Jan 2020, 08:20

Focus OSRS gold on area and ability remasters and increasing skills and balance usefulness' fun factor of old vs new content/methods, possibly remove old content that is not worth upgrading. Reduce and get rid of some kind activities, including store dailies. Implement a token xp/hr gain for a single ability at a time that members may concentrate on any skill ~ 100k. Boost GE, vastly increase economy slots, look into what it might take to increase bank storage using a goal of eliminating some extra storage bags or boxes (gizmo, all storage in POH, pursuit, diango, etc.. ) implement some kind of in game item tree through GE port to allow fresh runescape players to see what things are on the market.

Thing remaster remove auras. Make more items tradeable (I do not see thing acquisition locked behind quests and skills as one of Runescape's super powerful points), reduce the number of items with numerous charges as one special goal (rather than a digsite pendant(5) why can't we craft 5 stackable digsite teleport items).Don't eliminate auras but also make them accessible through in match means rather than waiting weeks to get loyalty points. Moreover, you are already able to stack teleportation things. A passing of an abyss can hold 6 types of teleportation jewelery and each jewelry could be compacted to hold hundreds of fees effectively giving thousands of teleports to you to over 15 places in one item. Granted it is expensive and secured behind requirements but that it should be.

I got hooked on Clues from RS and it ends up that clue people have! The awesome people from Clue Chasers made this massive collection of hints for Clues and that I thought it was worth posting it here, so it has grip and so Jmods see it and may consider doing any of these! Reveals how much more could be done in order to make Clues feel more straightforward to do, although cheap RuneScape gold this is wordy. Let me know what you believe as the hint people do a great job if this post is helpful I might look to do one similar for PvM.
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