The PoE bleeding injury mechanism introduction

The PoE bleeding injury mechanism introduction

Postby zeroanis » Mon 16. Sep 2019, 07:07

The normal situation is that the physical damage caused by the monster is 70% damage per second within 5 seconds after the physical attack damage is caused to the place. The monster moves three times or 210% of the physical damage.

If you use the core talent of Crimson Dance, which deals 35% physical damage per second, stacking 8 layers or 280%, the monster walks without affecting damage.

Bleeding is not an elemental abnormality, so it is not directly related to crit.

The current version of bloodshed can only rely on physical damage, but also by an attack. By attacking a monster, you have the chance to obtain poe currency items.

The damage affixed by the bleeding itself is increased by Damage, Damage Over Time, Ailment, Physical Damage, Bleeding Damage, etc., and the salvation and trap mine totem is the same as above. Above.

Even if you consider the scarlet dance, because the bleeding stack is limited, it is based on the MORE level that the stacking speed is fast enough.

Map affixes also have a chance to bleed with immune poisoning and the genre of the relevant genre. High value affix will value more currency items in path of exile.

In fact, very few people use bloodshed as the main output, but more often as an "imprint", such as the sharp eye sublimation of the Rupture requires the monster to bleed to produce a hit, the guardian's blood in the eye (Blood in the Eyes) can be The bloody target causes physical damage, and the Gratuitous Violence allows the guard to kill the bleeding target and cause high explosive damage.

The cat hand (the grip of the earth) gets a scarlet dance in the process of shape switching, so you can cause 35% of the 8 layers of bleeding and 1 layer of conventional 70% of the blood.

The above is the introduction of the bloodshed damage mechanism for the exile. Have you remembered it?
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The PoE bleeding injury mechanism introduction

Postby AnetSap » Fri 4. Oct 2019, 11:14

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